The Alabama Independence Party is mindful and alert to the Washington, D.C. Syndrome of putting political party over community and country. Therefore, we do not have a political party platform. Instead, we prefer public servants to concentrate on the grievances of the people that live in their respective districts.The only pledge we require all candidates for public office to obey is the Oath of Office to support, protect and defend the U.S. and Alabama Constitutions. Above all, we are Alabamians and proud Americans. We know what makes our country great is not a political label. It’s the concerned citizens who understand the principle of being one nation, under God and the importance of daring to defend our rights!

The Alabama Independence Party understands achieving a more perfect union does not mean conformity and one size fits all. We believe in healthy, transparent debates on the issues. The more choices the voter has the better! We strongly encourage all candidates for public office to stand ready to present and defend their opinions and ideas before the electorate. One of the strongest founding principles of America is the freedom of thought. We know that a free and open society cannot last without the free flow of information!

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Cedric Coley